Updates on #EgyPresElex: irregularities, #SabahiPresser


Updates added as news come out, so check out regularly.

Things unfold really quickly in Egypt. Yesterday, I was writing about the possible options of getting out of the current presidential stranglehold. Things go into the most reasonable and secure direction, IMHO, which is: show how much Shafik does the things wrongly, not only when he was Mubarak’s buddy — because apparently being felool doesn’t prevent Egyptians to vote for him, — but also and more importantly how thirsty for power he is and eager to re-impose the old dictatorship. How? By proving he has cheated during the election process.

Here is a quick summary of reports and articles accounting for irregularities including policemen. If you spot an article or report somewhere, let me know.

Update (May 31):
The Carter Center in a bombshell statement: Sabbahi has more right to run up against Morsi than Shafiq, according to the results that they have collected from various governorates across Egypt. Source: “”كارتــــر” يفجر القنبلة: صبـــــــاحي وليس “شفيق” .. الأحق بالإعادة أمام مرسي” (it is from May 26)

Update (May 30):

Sabahi and Aboul Foutouh unite to expose election violations, support none of the two candidates in the runoff (Ahram Online English)


Update (May 29):

Update (May 28):
A video talking about additions of voters (thanks, @weskandar 🙂 ):


Says for instance 4.5 million voters were added since parliament elections. Needs digging into info/reports about lists brought in the morning of the first elections day.

Update (May 28):
مصادر: العليا للانتخابات رفضت جميع الطعون والإعادة بين مرسي وشفيق SPEC refuses all petitions and appeals. Al-Jazeera says the same.

Update (May 28):
This image was posted on Facebook with the following explanation:

صورة تؤكد تزوير الإنتخابات لـ شفيق حيث إنها تكشف فرز بلجنة 53 الجيزه، تُظهر ان اجمالي عدد الاصوات الصحيحه لا يساوي مجموع ما تم احتسابه من اصوات للمرشحين، كما تُظهر الصورة بأن شفيق لا يوجد بجوار اسمه أي عدد للاصوات !!

Update (May 28):

El-Shater has claimed some exaggerated stuff about conscripts’ votes. Here is the discussion on Twitter:
El-Shater claims...


Sabahi campaign claims having evidence that 900,000 conscripts voted for Shafik (article is from the Arabic Al-Masry Al-Youm: حملة «صباحي»: لدينا كشوف تضم 900 ألف مجند صوتوا لـ«شفيق»)


Two very interesting articles went live today:

[…] Sabahy, who came a close third, challenged his placing. “We have information that conscripts voted illegally,” he told a raucous crowd of supporters in Cairo late on Saturday. [check out the Storify about Sabahi’s press conference yesterday, it is at the end of this post]


A FJP source said the Brotherhood believed vote-rigging had helped Shafiq qualify for the second round, but that it had decided not to complain for fear the election might be invalidated and that a re-run might endanger Mursi’s chances.

Violations during #EgyPresElex, Pourcentages per candidate

(Source: April 6 Movement Press Conference: “As for the report of the “Eyes On Egypt – 2012″ campaign launched by April 6 to monitor the presidential elections, Afifi said that Shafik recorded the highest number of abuses and electoral irregularities by more than 48%, followed by the Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsy 30%, and Amr Moussa with 13% and Abu Fotouh 4% and Hamdeen Sabahi 3%, confirming that the violations of Ahmed Shafiq were flagrant summarized in vote-buying infront of the committees, pointing out that Ahmed Shafiq and Morsi broke election laws of silence and organized electoral campaigns infront of committees.”)

نقلا عن اللجنه العليا للانتخابات :

١) تأكد وجود 900 الف صوت لمجندين و ضباط شرطه لم ترفع من كشوف الناخبين
٢) كان من المفروض إرسال كشوف بهذه الاسماء للقضاه لاستبعادهم من التصويت و لكن الكشوف لم تصل للقضاه
٣) تم أعاده فرز كل الأصوات مره اخري و هناك مشكله في 10٪ من الصناديق و هي عدم تطابق عدد المصوتين مع أوراق الانتخاب الموجودة في الصناديق
٤) الأصوات المفقودة من هذه الصناديق حوالي 500 الف صوت
٥) تم حسم امر مرسي في الدخول الي جوله الاعاده و لم يتم المنافس الثاني حتي الان

  • The Facebook page “Eyes on Egypt 2012” has done a great job collecting reports, some of which mention police intervention during the voting process:

In el Geza high school , it has been detected policemen directed voters to vote for Shafik

(from here)

Manshiet Nasser:
Our observers monitored policemen and army officers in front of committees directing voters to elect Shafiq

(from here)

El fayoum :
Some residents reported that a police officer voted illegaly at committe no.5 in Al azizeya and the judge allowed him eventhough they told him.

(from here)

And also many used electoral propaganda which is illegal during the electoral process, also there was shortage of time and some judges were not helpful, also there were names of dead people in the lists of voters and also names of policemen.

(from here)

-Al-Sharqyiah governorate

belbesis district, wahid mahmoud school
Committee number 83
police personnel (security guard) votes and a case was filed in the police station
person’s name: alaa Ibrahim Muhammad khalifa

(from here)

El haditha and Raba el Adwia school
The officer captured directing the voters to elect Shafik

(from here)

Abdul Rahman Al-Mansour Nashar of the Central Security Forces, has filed a complaint to the General Attorney accusing a group of police officers for their issuance of National ID cards for members of the police force and central security soldiers to allow them to vote in the first round of presidential elections. According to Egyptian law, members of the police and the military including, soldiers, officers, and any rank are not allowed to vote in presidential elections.

Abdul Rahman Al Mansour Nashar stated that these police officers removed the “profession/occupation” item from the new ID cards, replacing their real profession of “soldiers” or “officers” with another fake profession. This in turn allowed these otherwise prohibited members to be now eligible to vote for the presidential candidate, Ahmed Shafik, who is considered a part of Mubarak’s regime.

Abdul Rahman Al Mansour Nashar attached copies of the members’ old ID cards and copies of their new ID cards, along with copies of statements from the civil record books proving that nine hundred thousand cards from the city of Giza have had the item “professional occupation” removed in order to allow for the holders of these cards who are members of the army and police force to now be able to vote in favor of Ahmed Shafik. This is considered a viloation of the law and a kind of forgery in the result of the elections.

Witnesses reported that presiding judges received a supplementary voters’ list at the opening of the
polls. The PEC advised The Carter Center that these supplementary lists included the names of security forces staff that were received after the voters’ lists had been prepared, and were sent to all polling stations. As security forces employees, these persons were ineligible to vote, but had not been removed from the voters’ list. Presiding judges were therefore instructed to exclude those on the supplementary lists from their respective voters’ lists. The late dissemination of such supplementary lists could cause suspicion. In the future, these lists and their content should be made clear to voters, judges, and poll workers and the list produced well in advance of election day. (p.6)

Manshiet Nasser:
Omar Ibn Khattab School: the police personnel were directing people to vote forAhmed Shafik.
Azhari school: the police personnel were directing ladies to vote for Ahmed Shafik.

Dakahlia | | Meet Ghamr | |
Committees without the voters only the military and the police

The Secretary of the police Hamada Mohamed Abdel-Hamid, voted at Azizia School Committee No. 5 Tamih Center.

If you have missed Hamdeen Sabahi’s pressconference yesterday evening, here is a Storify about it.