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This space is my personal blog. It holds the bulk of things I have written (a selection is available here).


As a professional with multidisciplinary expertise, my goal is to enable strategic development of key players in both the private and public sector, architect and drive their (open) innovation and expand activities in EMEA.

Present day
Creative and analytical data-driven strategist, I am a risk management and crisis mitigation expert with a focus on security governance, data protection and compliance. My work centres on the intersection of technical audits and strategic developments, as sound knowledge of the technology, is indispensable to providing sound advice on moving forward. I am currently the VP of Governance & Public Affairs at YesWeHack, the #1 European Bug Bounty platform. Previously, I served as the Deputy Group CISO and DPO of Oodrive.

An award-winning author for my most recent book La face cachée d’Internet (“The hidden face of the Internet”, published in summer 2017 with Larousse-Hachette), I have been extensively exploring the impact of data and technology in conflict and post-conflict zones in the MENA region and Eastern Europe. Multilingual, I have consulted for international organisations, private companies, governments and non-profits.

Energetic and passionate, I have grown to become a recognised information security speaker committed to educating those outside of the industry on security threats and best practices. My forthcoming appearances are available through my calendar. Last but never least, I write up the cybersecurity expert column 50 nuances d’Internet (“50 shades of the Internet”) at I am an associate lecturer of Crisis Communication and Compliance for Master’s students at the IAE Poitiers, as well as an associate lecturer at Sciences Po Paris where I teach two classes: one is on Cybersecurity, the other addresses Emerging Technologies and Foresight.

Driven by a keen interest in the future of technology, I have nurtured meaningful interactions with blockchain, data and media initiatives. I was the Director of Digital Strategy and Development at Bity SA, a disruptive fintech Swiss startup. I have also created one of the first corporate-oriented blockchain MOOCs in partnership with IBM.

I founded and have been the editor-in-chief of the only French-speaking humanly curated media resource about all things data, Désidédata (previously Data Colada). I am the founder of the first-ever action research and service consultancy around open knowledge in the MENA region, OpenMENA.

Before founding my research consultancy, I was the lead research fellow for Les Savanturiers at CRI (Center for Interdisciplinary Research), Paris Descartes University, focusing on innovation in education.

Investigation and storytelling

Writing & research

I have founded and been the editor-in-chief of the only French-speaking humanly curated media resource about all things data, Désidédata (previously Data Colada). I am a data visualisation fan and co-authored “Data visualisation with D3.js” (Springer/Apress) – available here!

My most recent book, “La face cachée d’Internet”, demystifies the ‘dark stuff on the Internetz’ and is published with Larousse-Hachette as of 30 May 2017. It is available in both hardcover and electronic formats! In January 2018, it was rewarded by the FIC 2018 (International Forum for Cybersecurity) with the Prix du livre cyber “Grand public”. Visit the dedicated website (in French) for news and forthcoming gigs.

Recent bylines include Ars Technica and Makery (the only French outlet dedicated to Fablabs and DIY) as well as a range of specialised publications about information security (MISC, etc.). In early March 2018,’s Security Editor, Zack Whittaker, and I broke the story of a huge personal data leak at French magazine L’Express.

Past bylines include Al-Jazeera EnglishJadaliyya, Nature Middle East, Open DemocracyThe AtlanticGlobal Voices Online & Global Voices AdvocacyForeign Policy BulgariaFuture Challenges, Nature’s The Aggregator & Beyond the LabAustralian Science.

I have co-founded and managed the only French-speaking resource and used to be an editor at the biggest French-speaking resource about Free/Libre and Open Source Software,

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