Speaking at your event


I deliver top-notch talks on security and other tech concepts. Whether it is a conference, seminar, corporate training, or any other event, I am thrilled to work with you.

I have been speaking since 2010 (the list of my recent previous and upcoming speaking appearances is below). I pride myself at always delivering custom-developed, thought-provoking and motivating content on an array of topics. I am at home behind a podium for a large conference, on a couch for a fireside chat, and everything in-between.

I deliver top-notch talks on security and other tech concepts. Whether it is a conference, seminar, corporate training, or any other event, I am thrilled to work with you.

You will often find me at technology events in France, in Europe and the MENA region. My talks usually focus on security, privacy and showcasing the impact of technology on our connected lives. In all my speaking, workshops and writing, I take the view that unless we understand how the technology (mis)functions, it is hard for any of us, regardless of technical savviness, to buy into the value of protecting it.

I also speak at private engagements, from corporate events to consumer- and business-oriented events that discuss technology in more layman terms. Often, such events aim to impress on the audience the importance of security and highlight the challenges we face to our wellbeing.

My speaking style

Candid, energetic and passionate, I put considerable effort into all my talks, and I continue to refine my approach over time, often through writing about what resonates. My challenge is to ensure substance, yet also keep the audience engaged. My talks are meticulously stitched and rehearsed to fit in time slots. Yet they also remain as spontaneous as possible, organic and natural.

The talks which I find the most satisfying and which receive the best welcome are those where learning blends with fun. Event attendees can be seen nodding their heads, taking notes, and above all, laughing.

I blend visuals with pruning prospective and research-inspired content. Moreover, I often involve the audience in activities such as making them contribute feedback during the talk, share their experience or connect to rogue wireless networks.

Wanna me speaking at your event?

I do my best to align speaking events with professional commitments. Careful planning is crucial for me to prepare, especially when travelling beyond Paris is necessary. I privilege trains to planes. Talks can be in English, French or Bulgarian.

Since every event is different, prices differ, too. Aspects affecting honoraries include availability, coordination with existing travel commitments and alignment to the syllabus. Cost is always a per-day rate rather than per-head.

Here is what to expect from me:

  1. I will have an initial email or phone discussion with you (and any other person willing to join us) to address the specific outcomes for your event.
  2. I will develop a custom presentation for your audiences with their challenges, goals and hopes in mind. You are welcome to share the audience’s intentions, expectations, problems and stories. Doing so helps me familiarise with the specifics and hone my content.
  3. If you desire, I will help you promote the event on social media outlets and blog. Bear in mind that, by default, I do not share any information on a private event.
  4. After the event and should our agreement mention it, you will receive the content of my presentation.