This page collects some of my early political analysis pieces, focusing mainly on the MENA and the CEE regions.


Egypt: Mohamed Mahmoud Won’t Be Forgotten (Global Voices Online)

VIDEO: “No Woman, No Drive” Stuns Saudi Arabia (Global Voices Online)

Nobel Peace Prize Fails to Pacify (Global Voices Online)

VIDEO: Filmpoem “Prayer of Fear” Stuns Egypt (Global Voices Online)

Witness Accounts of Sectarian Attacks Across Egypt (The New York Times, The Lede): This is a thorough description of my work documenting sectarian violence in Egypt.

Sectarian Violence Sweeps Over Egypt (Jadaliyya)

Egypt: Caught Between a Zombie and a Bloodsucker! (Global Voices Online)

Turkey: “A Tree Dies, A Nation Rises” (Global Voices Online)

Refugee brides: the bounties of war (FutureChallenges.org)


Egypt’s Constitutional Referendum Results (Jadaliyya)

Egypt: The Right to Water (FutureChallenges.org)

The Sinai peninsula: Egypt’s “Wild West”? (International Security Network, ETH-Switzerland / Global Voices Online)

Egypt: “Which Article of the Constitution Are You Objecting?” (Global Voices Online)

Egypt: In Knowledge We Trust (FutureChallenges.org)

La vidéo d’un chien de militaire attaquant des manifestants provoque un tollé en Égypte (France 24)

The Freefall of the Egyptian Judiciary

Egypt: Sexual Harassment as a Weapon Against Dissent? (Global Voices Online)

Egypt: No, the Revolution is Not Over (Global Voices Online) (Global Voices Online)

Media in Bulgaria: Outlawing Freedom (FutureChallenges.org)

Rise of Bulgaria’s Tomato Revolution (Global Voices Online)

Bulgaria: “When You Sack the Person of the Year…” (Global Voices Online)

Bulgaria: Construction of the Nuclear Power Plant “Belene” Cancelled (Global Voices Online)

Serbia: Monitoring the Elections Via Citizen Media (Global Voices Online)

Заплашена от изчезване? Външната политика на Франция при Саркози (Foreign Policy Bulgaria, link on this blog)


Bulgaria to Teach Tunisia How to “Do Democracy” (FutureChallenges.org)

Unconcerned by 9/11? Think again! (FutureChallenges.org)