[#mylife] What is and what should never be


Warning! Crazy Scientist At WorkYes, this is from Led Zep! Yes, I love this song! Yes, I am back 🙂

So, what is: a lot of stuff to do. Roughly, I spent at least 60 hours per week in the lab. We have security issues, I may tell about later. This is just something that makes me crazy, but I don’t really have the choice: the PhD needs to move on. And the stupid bacterium does not want to do what I want. Anyway 🙂 I am also trying to write my first first-author paper. This is much more time-consuming than I thought. Indeed, if you redo a figure 3 or 4 times before deciding it is correct, making up the whole thing reveals horribly ever-lasting. But at least, the satisfaction is there that everything is clean, clear and nice to look through.

What should never be then? Well, I don’t know, many things. Governments shooting their people, Interior ministers declaring that immigration had made the French feel less at home, etc. And knowing that I can do absolutely nothing makes me crazy. Yes, I am crazy. But this is not new 😉 And this feels so good!

So.  What is to be then 🙂 I am writing a report on women in STEM, one of my favorite topics ever. Also, I intend to answer the public consultation of the European Commission regarding the 2020 perspectives: there are too many things that need much more than ever-lasting blahblah. Also, my Graduate School’s summer retreat is between 10 and 13 May, I’d be happy to give a talk there, let’s see. I’ll attend an excellent workshop on proteomics in May as well, organized by Matthias Mann, at the Max-Planck Institute of Biochemistry in Munich. I am really looking forward to it! Afterwards, I’ll go to Moscow for a bioinformatics conference and perhaps hang around with the other guys and visit Saint Petersburg. In September, I’ll go to Vienna, at the EMBO Meeting! In brief, this summer seems pretty glorious 😀 By the way, I began a series of photographs. Don’t ask why, I just needed to. Hopefully, at the end it’ll look like what I imagine.

Back to writing then!

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3 thoughts on “[#mylife] What is and what should never be

  1. Benoît

    “But at least, the satisfaction is there that everything is clean, clear and nice to look through.”

    Mais les reviewvers ont pas toujours le même avis et ça c’est pas toujours facile à accepter!

    • Oh oui… Bon, étant reviewer aussi et étant un reviewer chiant qui plus est, je m’applique le même traitement. Espérons que je ne tombe pas sur plus chiant que moi 😀

      • Benoît

        Par expérience je confirme qu’on en trouve des plus chiants que soi! Ou qui ont pas la même vision des choses, c’est le plus pénible. Bonne chance en tout cas

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