Fellowships for divesity studies at CERN


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CERN  Graduate Fellowship position / Diversity studies at CERN

In keeping with its international and increasingly global character, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) has recently appointed a Diversity Officer to develop and implement a policy that will promote awareness and adherence to diversity, one of the established values of the Organisation.

In support of this new initiative, a position is now open to postgraduates in the framework of the CERN Fellowship Programme.
Working closely with the new Diversity Officer, you will experience how a new policy is rolled out in a major international organization and you will have the opportunity to make a significant contribution, principally through researching and bench-marking best practice related to the promotion of workforce diversity.

Your responsibilities will include research in support of the development of this new policy and the collection and evaluation of data and practice from other international organizations, academic institutions and large companies.
Candidates should have some experience of data collection, evaluation and reporting, preferably in the field of social sciences, management or human resources.

Fellowships are granted for one year initially and are normally extended for a second year. Extensions for part or all of a third year are granted only in exceptional circumstances.

All applications for Fellowships are considered by the Fellows and Associates Committee (AFC) which meets twice per year, usually in May and November.

Although this application procedure is (normally) foreseen for the Fellowship selection committee in November, applications for the Diversity position will be transferred manually to the committee in May for consideration.
The successful applicant will be offered an appointment which will begin as soon as possible after the committee decision is communicated.

Details about the CERN Fellowship programme can be found here.
Candidates for this position should submit their applications by Friday, 6th May at the latest via the above link.

For further information, contact:
Sudeshna Datta Cockerill, Diversity Officer, CERN sudeshna.datta.cockerill@cern.ch