European Cybersecurity Job Market: The Gender Perspective

Europe's cybersecurity market: the gender perspective

A three-day virtual event dedicated to cybersecurity, the 2020 Cybersecurity Leadership Summit will gather more than 60 international speakers and KuppingerCole analysts for 40 best practice and interactive sessions. A perfect way to know about the latest trends in cybercrime and cybersecurity!

Even though cybersecurity becomes ever more important, talent shortage continues to plague the industry. Moreover, the gender gap is a real challenge and an opportunity to address.

I am humbled to join Jean-Christophe Gaillard, Corix Partners, and Anett Mádi-Nátor,  Women4Cyber, on a panel on Nov 10, 4:40 PM, to discuss how we can make cybersecurity more welcoming and inclusive.

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EMBO meeting special session: The intelligent brain – does sexe matter?


This is a summary of the talk Prof. Richard Haier gave on September 6 titled The new science of intelligence: men, women and brains. There are various things I do not agree with. However, I will not comment on them in this posting to let everybody read what Prof. Haier said and not what I think about what he said.

Contrary to myth, intelligence can be defined and measured. Intelligence tests scores are related to brain features. Genetic and epigenetic influence on intelligence can be assessed: intelligence is thus 100% biological. The talk was organized as follows:

  1. Examples of people with extraordinary intelligence;
  2. Measuring intelligence;
  3. Brain localisation of intelligence;
  4. Gender-specific intelligence.
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Bookmark: Women’s Caucus internship opportunity


The Women’s Caucus at the FSF (Free Software Foundation) is seeking an intern to assist with its work to increase the number of women involved in free software. Please check the offer online.

Le Caucus est une initiative de la FSF (Fondation pour le Logiciel Libre) visant à augmenter la participation féminine dans les communautés libristes. Vous pouvez lire la traduction des recommandations en français (faite par votre humble serviteure qui est intéressée par toute suggestion d’amélioration). Ils proposent donc un poste de stage pour une personne intéressée par la thématique. L’offre (en anglais) est sur le site de la FSF.