Size matters?


Well, I don’t think so. But, since we all know that pessimists are out there, let’s try to convince them bringing some scientific evidence 😉 I found these maps below: you can see the sizes of penii all over the world, but also compare the distribution of the ratio IQ/penis size.

So, these data are from TargetMap. This is a nice web tool that allows you to create customized data maps and see the data on GoogleMaps.

Coming to what interests us at the moment: willy’s size around the world. If I got it correctly, some of the data come from official studies while others are from in-house measures. In the former case, the measures are slightly lower: 1 cm on average. Indeed, in all countries where the measures have been done by the gentlemen themselves, the shorter penis is 15 cm.

Anyway, a lot of myths hang around on the predictive capability of signs such as shoe size or nose length. The former correlation is even a subject of a study published in 2002 by Shah and Christopher (BJU International). The main conclusion is:

Thus the ability to predict the size of a man’s penis by observing his shoe size is a common misconception; the present study shows that there is no scientific support for the relationship.

I found this awesome! Unfortunately, I haven’t found a study discussing the correlation between one’s nose and his penile length yet. If you find something, let me know, please 🙂

Yes, yes, coming back to the maps then! Here they are.

Penis size worldwide

Penis size worldwide (Source: TargetMap)

Breast cup size worldwide (Source: TargetMap)

Apparently, the longest willy is in Africa and South America (green) while the biggest boobs are in Russia (red). Here is some more.

National IQ Scores vs Average Penis Size (Source: TargetMap)

The highest IQs are in dark green. The pinpoints indicate penis size.

Penis size vs. Olympic Gold medals (Source: TargetMap)

Well, it seems we have a negative correlation here: longer the willy (green for the longest), less numerous are the Gold medals (pinpoints). Gold medals to be taken into account are from all Olympic games (Athens 1896 — Beijing 2008).

Cities/states having the largest average penis size in the USA (Source: TargetMap)

This last map is specially dedicated to peters.

In conclusion… I keep on thinking that size does not matter 🙂

5 thoughts on “Size matters?

  1. As a friend of mine once said, completely out of the blue as we were driving on the french motorway at 130km/h “it’s not the size that matters, it’s what you do with your tongue”… At which point the car swerved on the road (I was driving and was taken somewhat by surprise at the abrupt change of subject).

  2. Barry

    Hahh haaaa, this is just a reaction of frustrated people who have a small pennis! What the f*** does it have to do with intelligence and gold medals?
    Oh yeah, I see… A pathetic consolation for the undersized. That’s fair enough!!

    • hatewasabi

      1. I don’t always approve comments quickly.
      2. My stats are more interesting than the rate at which I get comments 😉

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