Science Blogging at the EMBO Meeting 2011!


Ahoi, ahoi. I know I’m not writing that much anymore; this is bad, sad, etc.

But this will be very soonish subject to change! Fantastic news: I was selected to be a ‘certified blogger’ at the EMBO Meeting 😀 I’ll also have a poster there in the ‘Microbiology’ section. Lastly, since I’ll be finishing my PhD in precisely 1 year from now, I’ll attend several sessions at the Career Development Day to improve my job-searching abilities 😉

The program looks great, and I look forward to attending some of the workshops dedicated to ‘Genome Evolution’, ‘Hosts & Microbes’ and — of course — Melissa Hines’s lecture on ‘Women In Science’! Naturally, you’ll hear from me on these topics.

If you want to apply, please do: the deadline was exceptionally extended to August 15.

See you in Vienna then!