#aMomentaryLapseOfReason + #GeekyTreasures on Twitter


After some thinking and web crawling, I decided to launch these two hashtags on Twitter: #aMomentaryLapseOfReason and #GeekyTreasures.

Why? Well, because I do curate stuff anyway. The thing is that I tweet about so many different things that all the geeky, funny, weird, creative things can easily go unnoticed. Hence these two hashtags.

Why these two precise ones? Ok, Pink Floyd fans have already recognized the first one, namely #aMomentaryLapseOfReason 🙂 If it is true that I just love this album, it is also true that the hashtag has little to do with the content it intends to tag. Indeed, I think #aMomentaryLapseOfReason is a wink to all the art-science-tech creativity out there. Not just bizarre stuff one bumps into from time to time: I am looking forward to experimenting how such hashtag can transform these bits of randomness into an exquisite collection of whimsical, witty, inspiring creations.

As for the #GeekyTreasures, it is a hashtag I picked specifically for Nature-SciLogs.com ‘The Aggregator’. After some deep thinking and observations on how similarly aimed resources work, I have submitted my thoughts to Khalil Cassimaly (SciLogs.com community manager) and we decided that I’m good at catching weak sciency signal. In plain English, this means that my curating skills are good when it boils down to identifying interesting stories that are not widely picked up by bloggers and media. These are my #GeekyTreasures.

But wait, I am not getting it: and what about blogging? Of course, it is a bit tough to both tweet and blog about stories. Thus, I believe most of the interesting links will be tweeted while I’ll just be picking a few to include them in a dedicated (possibly thematic) blog post. The latter will be more of a ‘hub’ to the theme than an exhaustive report.

Let the fun begin 🙂

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