Plug & Play News: Sourcing, Verifying and Publishing Info in Real-Time Crisis


Earlier in May, I attended re:publia, aka Berlin’s annual gathering of innovators from the worldover. This year’s topic was “Finding Europe” [I will post a quick write-up of the #MustSee talks and the #MustFollow people from #rp15].

One of the two talks I gave focused on sourcing, verifying and disseminating information in a rapidly evolving situation, e.g. a real-time crisis. As our team of three kickass ladies was from Eastern Europe, we decided to highlight examples from this region all by re-inscribing this region in Europe. Ironically, while Tetyana Bohdanova and yours truly were providing insights about the ever-complexe-and-tough task of disseminating verified content at the right time and through the right channels, our third ‘partner in crime’, Danica Radisic, was applying these approaches while covering the unfolding turmoil in Macedonia.

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Bookmark: Un site d’information sur la littérature bulgare

The Bistritsa Babi, Bulgaria

The Bistritsa Babi, Bulgaria (source : portail de l'UNESCO)

Ce site, litBG, est assez bien fait de ce que j’en ai vu et les traductions sont bonnes. Il y a des extraits de certaines oeuvres, par exemple ce conte touchant d’Anguel Karaliytchev. Bonne lecture !

Pour ceux et celles qui pensent que la Bulgarie est juste un pays où les plages ont le sable super fin, détrompez-vous !